Graphics Including Logos, Banners, Photo Galleries, Slide Shows and YouTube Videos for Your Website

Get the Attention of Visitors with Eye Catching Graphics!

A picture is worth how many words? Since your site is there to inform, sell a product, provide a forum, etc. it obviously requires excellent copywriting more so than anything else. However, no matter how good the copywriting is visitors will leave in boredom if you have a plain vanilla site with just words. That is where good graphics comes in.

Webscape Developers will provide:
logo designLogos
•Artistic Layouts (Templates)
•Photo Gallery
•Slide Show (Slider)
•Textured or Gradient Backgrounds
•Flash Animations
•Clip Art

Many companies have no real logo or at least not one that displays well on a website. Webscape Developers can create a new logo or enhance an existing one. Some of the best logos are simple but if a high quality artsy logo is required, we can design that too.

The banner which typically includes your logo may be the most important piece af artwork on your site. Generally that is the first thing a visitor notices when logging in. It is important to have your logo, a slogan or brief description of your business or service, and most importantly a "call to action" which should include a phone number and email address. Please reference the banner below for a business website that advertises software for payroll.

website banner

As you can see it has a logo, slogan, and "call to action" or contact information.


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